Amber Valletta’s Top 90s Fashion Tip: "Boob Tubes? Burn Them!"


Amber Valletta knows what she’s talking about when it comes to nineties trends, so prepare to take serious notes…

Amber Valletta was one of THE faces of the 1990s, landing the first of her sixteen American Vogue covers at the tender age of 18. Her supermodel status was cemented with campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Versace… basically you name it, Amber fronted it!

Now, as part of the diversity drive in modeling, Amber is back after making a triumphant return to the runway last year. Amber is currently fronting the campaign for Chapter Three of Mercedes-Benz’s (following in the footsteps of Susan Sarandon) fashion story alongside her son, Auden, who has 100 per cent inherited the model’s phenomenal bone structure.


Our Fashion and Celebrity Director, caught up with Amber in the back of her Mercedes-Benz electric concept car to talk about changes in the modelling industry, how hard it was to shake off her motherly role on the set of the Mercedes-Benz campaign and how you can nail 90s style…

It was hard to shake off my motherly role on set...

"I was probably a little bossy but I love working with my son, we have so much fun together and it’s just great to see him. He does tease me about some of my model faces, though!"


My son won't be doing a Kaia Gerber...

“My son doesn’t really want to model as a career, so I am not worried about him entering into the industry. I think if he was keen to be a full time model then I would be a bit more apprehensive but at the moment all he wants to do is go to college and play volleyball. He just sees getting a call to model as getting a lottery ticket each time.”

Why can't fast fashion be environmentally friendly?

“What I really want to happen is for all companies to become eco - especially fast fashion companies. Some fast fashion companies do amazing environmentally friendly capsule collections but wouldn’t it be great if one of these companies just turned around and said everything they produced was? I just want it to become part of everyday life, just like electric cars are the future, I think this is the future.”


The new generation of models need to educate themselves...

“It’s changed so much since I first started out. When you turn up on shoots the teams are so much bigger, digital has changed the modeling industry completely especially with social media. It’s just completely different now. It’s hard for me to advise someone breaking into the industry now as it’s just so different but I would say that you just have to stay true to you and what you want to do. However I would say the new generation can only reference what is happening now. When I was modeling in the 90s we would have to go out and do research or we just knew what said movie that came out 20 years beforehand was and the visuals that came with it. We didn’t have the Internet to search. So I would say: educate yourself in visual culture.”


Now, some 90s fashion tips: 

How to work 90s grunge…
“It needs to all be about the waist. Wear an oversized flannel checked shirt tucked into oversized trousers but replace your converse with a heel or a heeled chunky boot to make it a lot sexier.”

Team your bumster jeans with…

“God those jeans should never come back but you could use it as an opportunity to show-off your organic underwear."


It’s never wise to refashion your bandana into a hankerchief top…

“Absolutely not! Unless you are wearing it on your head or around your neck you should never do that! Here in LA you see a lot of people fashion bandanas into interesting things, but I think keep it to the neck or the head.”

The worst 90s clothing crime a guy you are dating can commit is…

“Mandals! If a guy EVER walks into a restaurant on a date wearing mandals you need to leave immediately. It’s just not necessary.”


The best occasion for blue eyeshadow is…

“Look at make-up right now and beauty looks, it’s all about colour. Any time during the night is perfect for blue eye shadow.”

RIP the boob tube…

“The best thing to do with a boob tube is take a lighter and find the safest place to burn it! They just don’t need to comeback, anything that makes you look like you have one continuous boob isn’t worth wearing.”


Amber Valletta is the face of Mercedes-Benz's Chapter Three campaign


[MUSIC] So y project with Mercedes-Benz was the idea that I am the now generation and my son is the next generation. Was all around the eq concept car all electric and I believe in sustainability is the way of the future And Mercedes Benz is also about great design, being modern, authentic, and having integrity. [MUSIC] Being sustainable is about making smart choices about what you purchase. So, buying vintage, buying clothes that last, made with cool and new organic fabrics and sustainable fabrics. And designers who believe in doing things the right way. The world is so connected now. So therefore, we need more diversity to express what we're seeing in the world. Different genders, transgender, races, sizes, ages. It's a modern world. [MUSIC]
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