Up to four people can fit inside

By Christina Butan
Updated: May 14, 2019
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If you’ve ever wanted a sauna in the comfort of your own backyard (who doesn’t?!), you’re in luck — for your family and friends to enjoy.

comes from the same company as the tiny guesthouse that went viral and sold out almost instantly last week. It’s no surprise that the tiny home has garnered so much attention, considering it can be built in just eight hours by two adults, and comes with everything you need to build it for just $7,250.

But if you’re not so much into the idea of a guesthouse as you are a sauna for (or maybe you want both!), . The kit comes with absolutely all the hardware you need to get the sauna up and running: a sturdy frame and walls made from Nordic Spruce, a wood-fired sauna heater, chimney, sauna stones, seats, floor boards, a tinted glass door, air vents, roof shingles, a canopy, support cradles (to elevate the structure), and industrial-grade stainless steel bands. The entire thing costs $4,950, which seems like a pretty sweet deal for everything it comes with.

Buy It! Allwood Barrel Sauna, $4,950;

, and it already has a glowing five-star review on Amazon from a customer who actually purchased it to help with his (and his wife’s) Lyme disease.

“Arrived ahead of schedule! I am very pleased with my purchase and received great treatment. My wife and I have Lyme disease and plan on a speedy recovery thanks to our new sauna. They also upgraded our unit to expedite delivery. Thank you Allwood, you saved our lives!” he wrote.

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Amazon says you can , although Allwood says to allow about four weeks for complete delivery. While building a sauna with the summer heat just around the corner might sound a bit counterintuitive, saunas are great to use during any time of year , including relieving stress, improving respiratory and immune system conditions, and flushing toxins from your body. And even if you don’t plan on using it over the summer, it’s always smart to get ahead of the game and have before next winter arrives.