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Shakira Debuts New Hair Colour, Is Fire


Move over, blondes. Shakira is arguing that redheads have more fun, and we might just believe her.

The 40-year-old Colombian singer, who we typically know to be a blonde bombshell, has switched up her look in a major way. Yesterday, she shared a few pictures from the set of her "Perro Fiel" video shoot, and she gave us quite the surprise with her fiery red hair!

It seems the "Hips Don't Lie" singer needed a break from her signature blonde curls, which she's been sporting for several years now. So for her latest video, she sported long, bright red locks, even tinting her eyebrows to match. Shakira shared a picture of her sexy new look on Instagram, and she looks simply amazing, posing next to her costar Nicky Jam in a backwards baseball cap and mesh top. She captioned the image with, "Redheads have more fun"—be careful, Shakira, those are fighting words!

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Shakira also showed off the full length of her red locks in a solo pic, posing with her hand on her hip. Seriously, her hair must reach her butt!

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We can't wait to see redheaded Shakira in her new video. Do you think she'll keep the fiery hair for her upcoming tour, too? Or do you think it's a wig?! 


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