Kim Kardashian West's Feminist Kimojis Spark A Backlash - Here's Why

Kim Kardashian West's Feminist Kimojis Spark A Backlash - Here's Why

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Like so many days of the year, today people have a bone to pick with Kim Kardashian West.

The oft-targeted reality star recently released a new female empowerment-themed Kimoji pack on her app in honour of International Women’s Day.

The update adds new options to the Kimoji app (which already includes staples like Kim’s crying face and her Internet-breaking bod): a series of pink and red-hued “feminist” emojis that reference Kardashian West’s censored naked mirror selfie and the . The pack also has stickers that read “Boy Bye” and “Slay in your lane” and one that reads "Full-Time Feminist."


I love the message behind the new Kimoji’s. I’m obsessed with seeing women encourage, support and empower other women. It’s my favorite. We need more of it.

— Christina Curatolo ❥ (@MUNCHKiN_XO)


Although many agreed that the themed expansion was a cool idea, others were reluctant to support Kardashian’s multi-million-dollar empire under the guise of feminism. While the expansion is available to download for free for preexisting Kimoji users, the "feminist" collection will cost you $3 if you don’t already have the app.


I saw that Kim had “feminist Kimoji’s” and I thought: “That’s cool - she’s giving feminist Kimoji’s for free.”

Then I realized that she expected people to buy them??? If she truly wanted to make a difference, wouldn’t they be free? U HAVE ENOUGH MONEY!!

— Liz Khalifa (@Ellliizabeth)


Kim Kardashian should donate the money she makes from her feminist kimoji pack to a charity that supports women/women’s rights rather than pocket it. Didn’t she wanna get involved in helping planned parenthood? Now is her chance!!! Just saying!!!!

— onnalise (@starshollowed)


Kim Kardashian...only identifying as a feminist when she can literally profit from it.

— Imperator Furiosa (@FuriosaSK)


has refused to call herself a feminist numerous times. It’s insulting that it’s only now that she has suddenly become a feminist by creating Kimoji’s, to cash in on an important day for women around the world. 😒

— Nabihah (@MsNabihah)

Critics were also quick to latch onto Kim’s “Fulltime Feminist” Kimoji in light of a somewhat confusing statement Kardashian released on her in 2016. In it, she insinuated that while she’ll “always fight for women’s rights,” she doesn’t think people should be pressured into adopting labels, like feminist.

Now it seems that she’s not only OK with labeling herself a feminist, but she thinks everyone else should be doing it too:


So proud of this KIMOJI pack. Update or download today:

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian)

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