Forget Your Daily Green Juice: Here's Why Everyone Is Sipping Kombucha Instead

Forget Your Daily Green Juice: Here's Why Everyone Is Sipping Kombucha Instead

We've had green juices, coconut water, maple water and even camel milk, but the latest trend you'll find all over the health food scene is Kombucha. Pronounced kawm-boo-chah, it's essentially a fermented tea that's created by adding tea, sugar and water to a live culture of yeast that then feeds off the sugar to create a drink that's high in B vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics. Although having originated in China, over 2,000 years ago, thanks to LA yogis over the past ten years it's become the go-to for the Lycra loving crowd and more recently you'll find it cropping up in the UK.

High in probiotics, it's hailed as being somewhat of a wonder product when it comes to digestion while there also claims that it helps boost immunity, give you glowing skin and even cure hangovers. Tasting a bit sweet but at the same time sour, if you like pickles and sauerkraut then you'll probably be a fan. Here's where to get your fix in London...

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One of the first to offer homemade 'drinking vinegars,' this restaurant just off Richmond Road in Hackney is big on drinks with health properties. Unsurprisingly, their Kombucha menu is really varied with flavours including lemongrass, lavender, hibiscus and anise. 

This raw vegan restaurant in Notting Hill has become somewhat of a go-to for the west London clean eating crowd. Try their Kombulini with mixed berry puree for a sweet hit.

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Opposite Crate in Hackney Wick, you'll find the Jarr Barr at Mick's Garage which was one of the first venue in Europe to serve Kombucha on tap. They've now started adding it to to zingy cocktails, which are said to give less of a hangover. 

Ex Masterchef contestant Adam Handling's restaurant in Spitalfields has a Kombucha and tea-tasting menu, has recently expanded the offering to include Kombucha bellinis. 

Through a secret curtain at the back of Bubble Dogs, you'll find this Michelin-starred hideaway. Brewing their own Kombucha on-site, this is for the more adventurous drinker with flavours including nettle and toasted hay.





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