Jaguar XF: The Car That Makes You Happy To Be Designated Driver

Jaguar XF: The Car That Makes You Happy To Be Designated Driver

Our shopping editor spent a month driving around in the Jaguar XF and we practically had to pry the keys out of her hands at the end. Here's why...

I never thought I'd be the person that said "I’ll drive” on nights out. That was until I spent a month cruising around in a Jaguar XF. I am used to rattling my way across Kent in my rusty little run-around, so when it came to spending a month in ‘The Jag’, it’s safe to say I got very attached. 

Cruising around in the large, luxurious and super-speedy car was, in fact, more comfortable then watching TV in my own front room. I even drove to work everyday, simply because 'why take the train when you can spend an hour with heated seats, an amazing sound system and a sat nav so advanced it basically feels like it drives it for you?'

In case you need to be persuaded anymore, here’s 5 reasons why everyone should own a Jaguar XF: 

Heated Seats and Steering Wheel:

Minus 2 degrees this morning? No problem. The Jaguar XF has heated seats and steering wheel that kicks in within seconds, the rest of the car follows closely behind. If you’re a bad back sufferer like me, there really is no better solution than heat on your back during a long journey. Not only that, everything from the windscreen to the washer jets are even heated too.

Put Your Foot Down & You’ll Fly

As soon as you get away from London’s stand still traffic,and put your foot down, you will quite literally fly. The 2.0 litre turbocharged engine will take you from 0.60 mph in 6.2 seconds. I am not a mega car fan-girl but the power of the engine you’re sitting on is exhilarating. Slide it into Sports Mode from Eco and you’ll notice even more of an oompf.

Become a Pro at Parking

I initially freaked out at the thought of parking a car this size. Compared to my little banger, I was hardly going to squeeze the Jag into the last space in Sainsbury’s. But the Advanced Parking Assist Pack comes with 360 surround cameras that will guide you into the tightest of bays and will let you know if you get too close!

Comfier Then Your Living Room

Yep, that’s right. The soft, fine grain Windsor leather seats with electric adjustment puts you at total comfort with a serious amount of excess space around you. Not only that, the XF is among the best in its class for rear knee room, so your pals will feel just as comfy.

Never Take Your Eyes Off The Road

This is my personal favourite feature. Your speed and navigation are both projected onto the windscreen right in front of your eye-line, so you really don’t need to ever take your eyes off the road. If you need to make a call, you just speak to the car using the voice feature.

Prices start at £44,035. Visit for more info.

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