Get Red Hair Inspo From Our Fav Famous Redheads

Get Red Hair Inspo From Our Fav Famous Redheads

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We've rounded up our favourite red hair colours and red hairstyles to inspire your new 'do...

Red hair doesn't get enough praise. Everyone's all 'blonde or brunette?', totally ignoring the SASSIEST shade of all, but red hair is becoming a firm famous favourite — and rightfully so.

There's always been those fierce Hollywood bombshells that pull off the most unusual hues — the natural redheads like Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams and Julianne Moore, as well as the dyed gals, like Emma Stone who look pretty darned good, too. 

Sophie Turner is our current ginger gal crush, especially now Sienna Miller, Scar Jo and Lily James have gone back to blonde.

So, whether you were born with a coppery locks or you're considering it out of the bottle, there will be inspiration for you in our round-up of reds. 

The thing about red hair, aside from the unusual tone, is how much the complexion and make-up affects the look. Isla Fisher often goes for a warmer skin tone with her dark red auburn hair colour, so looks all-round more sunned, while Christina Hendricks keeps her porcelain complexion natural and tan-free, and a slick of bold red lipstick makes it kind of amazing. 

From fiery red hair to auburn and subtle strawberry blonde shades, we've rounded up the best red hair colours and styles...

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