17 Products You NEED For The Best Curls Ever

17 Products You NEED For The Best Curls Ever

Whether you’ve battled with them all your life, or have always rocked them, curls are amazing. Tight coils, textured Afro hair, loose waves… the spectrum of curl power is so diverse, it’s had to be categorised into . I know.

Like most curly girls, I went through a period of routinely blow-drying and straightening my hair until my ringlets turned into a fluffy, frazzled mess that just kept getting shorter and shorter (hello, breakage). Now, I’m two months into my straightener ban (with every heat tool stashed away in a box) and my hair is actually getting curlier every day. As a total beauty junkie, I’ve built up quite the arsenal of products that are pretty much ambrosia for your locks. I can’t go without them, and neither should you. Introducing my dream team….

Shampoo + Conditioners

In the words of hair legend Christophe Robin, you wouldn’t wash a silk shirt with any old harsh detergent. Think of your strands as a delicate Céline blouse; scrub it with whatever lathers up and it’ll start to look haggard and fall apart. Curly and Afro hair is drier than straight (the coils make it harder for oils from your scalp to travel down), so go sulphate-free if you can. Boucléme’s cleansing creme formula doesn’t bubble up but is definitely doing its job, or go for OGX’s coconut shampoo, which smells like the beach and feels just like a normal shampoo, minus the dryness. Don’t be afraid to mix and match - if the matching conditioner is rubbish, then swap it for one that your curls love. 

Masks + Treatments

Hot oil treatments are the bomb, you guys. Warm up anything containing coconut oil (it’s one of the few ingredients that your hair can absorb) like Leonor Greyl’s and Alchemy’s, wrap your head in cling film and leave for as long as you can, then wash it out. Even better, massage it into your scalp for thicker, stronger locks. For hair masks, look for ones that say ‘moisturising’, ‘nourishing’ and ‘reconstructing’ for soft, springy curls - Palmer’s £2 protein pack has been my ultimate favourite for years.


After watching endless YouTube videos of curly gurus loading their hair with products, I assumed that my fine, fluffy strands needed to be totally coated. All I got was stringy, crunchy curls, and quickly learned that sometimes less really is more. For bouncy, frizz-free curls, layer a leave-in conditioner with a tiny dab of something jelly-like (Shea Moisture’s Souffle is just too perfect) to fight humidity. Finish with a couple of drops of whatever oil you like, and you’re all set.


The less heat the better, but air-drying can be a pain. Find a good  like Cloud Nine's for your hairdryer and scrunch your curls upwards using the cool setting - they’ll be gorgeously defined and bouncy AF. Try a skinny curling wand for naughty strands that refuse to spiral - Babyliss’s has an adjustable heat setting for guilt-free styling. Also, ditch your regular towel and grab an old T-shirt or an Aquis towel; you’ll see the difference in your hair straight away, I promise. If you're ever lusting after fuller, longer locks, then do some of the best curly hair extensions for every type of hair. 

Below is my edit of the best products for curly hair. I've tried and tested every single one and will be adding to it in the coming weeks and months. 



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