The Lingerie Sets That Are Sexy Without Being Try-Hard

The Lingerie Sets That Are Sexy Without Being Try-Hard
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Lingerie shopping is NEVER what it looks like in films... We either shop for ourselves or basically send a link to the set we want to some unsuspecting partner. Whichever way you want to do it, here's our edit of the best sets to buy now

For me, lingerie shopping is something I think will be a pampering 'me' day spent mooching around an expensive boutique, but I inevitably end up in a cramped changing room, corn beef legs quivering in the cold, stood in my socks... not feeling zen, or remotely sexy. It's why I do all my lingerie shopping online. 

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I've spent the last few weeks compiling a wishlist of lingerie sets (said wishlist is currently winging its way to my boyfriend's inbox), so whether you're an effortless mesh underwear gal or like/want/need a little more support and uplift, I've chosen the best sets to buy now. They're not try-hard sexy but chic, low-key and modern.

As we all know, you can spend loads on lingerie (like, really loads), so we've picked a few pricey pieces you'll be wearing (and handwashing delicately) for ever more, as well as some impressively bargain-tastic bra and knicker combos.

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is our favourite from the high street, with cool sets for about £30 and a great range, you can't really go wrong. (Note to partners, too: Make sure you find out the right size before you shop. That's never going to go down well. Ever.) 

 is our current hero brand. If you're like me and like to mix and match your sets, then Love Stories has the perfect section dedicated to just that. Mostly triangle cuts in various prints and laces, they are just the right amount of cheeky. 

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Whichever way you want to do it — shop for yourself or pass on to a present-buyer, here's our edit of the best lingerie sets to buy now... 

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