The 14 Best Liquid Eyeliners For That Perfect Cat Eye

The 14 Best Liquid Eyeliners For That Perfect Cat Eye
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From graphic slivers to retro flicks, a liquid eyeliner is THE piece of make-up kit every girl needs. Here are the best liquid eyeliners on the market...

Whether you're a fan of a big, fat, serious lick of liner a la Winehouse, or more into Hepburn flicks, liquid eyeliner is a perennial classic for a reason; nothing opens an eye up quite like it. That said, applying the perfect flick is definitely a skill that needs honing, with angles and how not to get a wobbly line being top of the list of things that trouble those new to the art.

As always, we've canvassed the experts for advice, though they tend to go about it differently, with some swearing by the old credit card trick, and others preferring to trace a line first. Here are some of the tips that we've heard that may help you get yours just right:

1. Kohl first. If you're nervous about getting your flick wrong, start with a and get that right before tracing over it with a liquid liner. 

2. Use a credit card. Both to buy your product, and then to get the line straight - just use the edge of it as a guide so that you get your line perfectly straight.

3. ... Or sellotape. This works similarly - just stick it at your preferred angle, draw your flick and lift the sellotape off. Voila! Top tip: take some of the stickiness off on your arm first to avoid damaging the delicate skin around your eye.

4. Straight lines. They're tricky. If you struggle, try holding your liquid pen as loosely as possible, then grab a smudging brush and blur the line slightly - it won't look razor sharp but it will be even. 

5. Choose your angle wisely. You can do this two ways - either trace an invisible line from your nose out the corner of your eye and keep the flick going from there, or follow the curve of your bottom lash line outwards for a more conservative flick. 

6. Get the right tools. Choose a good eyeliner pen, and always have cotton buds and make-up remover to hand to tidy up any mistakes.

How to do a big cat flick a la Tom Ford and Versus with our Beauty Editor

Posted by on Friday, 22 September 2017


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