Best Eyeliners: The Top 10 To Get That Perfect Flick...

Best Eyeliners: The Top 10 To Get That Perfect Flick...
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Eyeliners are one of those things we all have in our make-up bags but use, whether it's a liquid, pencil or gel formula, in totally different ways. Whatever your eyeliner needs, find one you love in our pick of the 10 best and find out how to apply eyeliner with our must-watch videos...

Used correctly, an eyeliner can be the weapon in your make-up bag that allows you to conquer the world - or at least feel like you can. It’s easily one of the most versatile products you could own, and having more than one formula in your arsenal will diversify your look like that. Since its birth in Ancient Egypt (Cleopatra rocked her wings long before Alexa Chung), it’s developed into a tool of transformation for women all over the world. 

For 2017, it’s not about flawless flicks - liner’s gone cool-girl graphic. Fendi showed us interrupted black liner, leaving centre of the eye completely blank to highlight an exaggerated wing; make your tribute to it wearable by downsizing the wing on each corner. Coloured liner is having a moment, too, with chalk white and cobalt blue emerging as millennial favourites. It’s not just sharp angles, though - sexy, smudgy liner’s had a major upgrade thanks to a slick of eye gloss, lending a vinyl-like finish. 

With all the different formulas and colours to choose from, it can be confusing to figure out what exactly will suit you best. Our recommendation? Try as many as you can, be fearless, and keep practising. To make your life that little bit easier, we've broken down exactly what you can expect from every type of liner:

Liquid. Great for perfecting a precise line that won’t budge, but a disaster if you’re running late. Choose a dip-brush pot if you have a steady hand, or a nifty marker pen for foolproof flicks. Keep it on the upper lash line so it flatters your eye, and allow it to dry before blinking, else you’ll end up with a messy imprint all over your eyelid.

Pencil. Probably the most forgiving formula, it can be pushed around the lash line and blended out without looking messy. Some are very clever and lock into place a minute after application, meaning that perfectly smudgy liner won’t budge at all. Nestle it between your lashes for a softly defined eye, or diffuse a strong line for Bardot-bedroom eyes. For sharp, punchy impact, run it along your upper and lower water lines  - just remember to check throughout the day for excess liner in the corners of your eye. 

Gel. The perfect in-between of liquid and pencil, it glides onto your lids and stays put.  It’s thicker than liquid, so you’ll need a slim liner brush to control the line and some liquid liner to perfect a wing. It dries quickly, so work on one eye at a time and try not to leave the pot open for too long. If you struggle with controlling liquid liner, then gel is for you.

Black. The most dramatic and classic hue, it makes blue eyes pop and defines your peepers like nothing else. It can look harsh on fair skin tones, so opt for a brown or grey instead.

Brown. It's so ideal for softly defining the eye, and gives your face impact that's beautifully understated. Run it along your waterline for some subtle impact.

Nude. If your eyes betray just how tired you are, then you need to make best friends with nude liner. Pick one a shade lighter than your skin tone and pass it over your waterline for some wide-awake, bright-eyed beauty.

Colours. They're so fun to play with, but can also magically bring out your eye colour. Brown eyes come alive with navy blues and forest greens, hazel and green-eyed girls should opt for burgundies and purples, and blue eyes stand out with reddish-oranges and rusty browns. 

So you know what kind of eyeliner you want, but how do you master those elegant feline flicks? Our Beauty To Go video shows you exactly how to cheat your way to the perfect winged liner.

VIDEO: 2 Genius Tricks For Feline Flicks

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Whatever your eyeliner needs, or trends you want to trial, find one (or three) you love in our pick of the 10 best...

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