Faux A Dreamy Glow With Our Pick Of The Best Bronzers

Faux A Dreamy Glow With Our Pick Of The Best Bronzers
Matteo Valle

Bronzer means that whatever the weather, there's no reason to give up on a natural-looking tan. Whether you're a dab hand with a bronzing powder or a serious tan-o-phobe, a light sweep can take your complexion from pasty to glowing and gorgeous. They're the must-have product for summer and winter, and are surprisingly versatile too, giving you anything from a just-been-on-holiday look to Bella Hadid levels of glow.

It's pretty easy to get carried away on the bronzing front, though. Ever swiped something terracotta-coloured under your cheekbones and realised that you've definitely gone overboard? Or loaded up on the shimmer front and, looking back, realise it's all a bit sweaty looking? Believe us, we've all been there. Follow these foolproof steps, and you'll start getting used all the enquiries about your (nonexistant) holiday...

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Pick the right finish

As a general rule, stick to matte if you want to fake a glow - the more shimmer, the more obvious it is that you're not really bronzed. 

Strategically apply

For subtle definition, sweep your matte bronzer in a 3-shape from your temples, under cheekbones, and across the eyelids and jawline, along the sides of your nose if you like. Oh, and make sure not to load your brush up with too much product; start subtly, then build it up. 

Colour match

 Pick something the colour of your chest and arms for the subtlest bronze factor - or go two shades darker for added drama - and then decide how cool or warm you want to go, depending on the desired effect. 

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Play with formulas

Powder isn't everything - in fact, it can get seriously streaky when applied over moist foundation. Try a liquid or cream bronzer if you like the dewy thing - it'll blend like a dream, sink right into your skin, and give a more believable finish.

We've tried and tested the best bronzers and picked the best; from the old classics to the best bronzers of the year. There's industry-approved favourites like Benefit's Hoola, now in liquid form, and NARS Laguna, as well as Rimmel's Kate Sculpting Palette for contouring. Prepare to meet your perfect match...


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