Caroline Hirons, Our Skincare Guru, Thinks You Need An Acid Toner. Here's Why...

Caroline Hirons, Our Skincare Guru, Thinks You Need An Acid Toner. Here's Why...
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Our new expert columnist is here to give you all the skincare answers you really need.

Our expert skincare guru  is known for a few skin dictums in particular. First, she wants you to double cleanse. On this she is emphatic, citing cleansing as the easiest, most simple route to better skin. She's also like you to than the rest of your routine, equating a skincare routine to a sandwich, and advising that money goes into the filling, not on the cleanser and SPF that sit either side.

There's a third thing Caroline is responsible for bringing to the wider attention of skincare fans: acid toners. Designed to be swiped over skin post-cleanse, pre-serum. It you know someone with a preternatural glow it probably because she's using an acid toner. This clever beauty product removes dead skin therefore helping the skincare penetrate not only that, it will also help balance the pH levels of your skin. We'll hand over to Caroline to give you the lowdown... 

Acid toners: What do they do and why do I need one? 

Caroline Hirons: "Acid toners gently exfoliate the skin on a daily basis, removing the very surface layer of ‘debris’, whether it’s grime from the day or the top layers of the skin. Everything that you follow it with will penetrate easier and absorb faster."

Acne: Are toners good for sensitive skin?

Caroline Hirons: "Absolutely. You can vary the strength and the type of acid accordingly. A drier skin would be better off starting with a lactic, oily/blemish-prone can try salicylic and older skins can go straight to glycolic."

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The best toners for perfect skin are...

Caroline Hirons: " are one of the few on the market that are glycolic-free and contain mandolic acid, a great acid for all skins. 

is one of the original acid toners. Much copied, never bettered, an 18 year veteran, this alcohol-free glycolic gently exfoliates without any irritation. An original, and still one of the best. 

use poly hydroxy acids, which as well as exfoliating, help the skin retain moisture in the skin, making them a great choice for dehydrated skins."

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