All The New Perfumes: You'll Find One To Fall In Love With For Sure 

All The New Perfumes: You'll Find One To Fall In Love With For Sure 
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Get ready to meet your scent soulmate 

Crisp, heady, succulent, and downright sexy - there’s a fragrance for whatever mood strikes you. And nowadays, you won’t need to make excuses for reaching for that bottle of a woody masculine scent; where ‘feminine’ fragrances were once floral and often sickly affairs, the world of women’s fragrance has erupted to a colourful landscape that’ll encompass any preference you might have.

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Before we share the ultimate edit of all the women’s fragrances you need to know about, we’re going to outline the four main types of scent ingredient. Most perfumers start with these genres, dividing scents into them as a starting point for formulating and adding notes, so knowing which floats your boat may narrow the search down. 

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First, florals. These can range from light and romantic wafts of bluebell to deep and heady clouds of iris and orange blossom, but they’ll all have a distinct kick of floweriness. Orientals evoke warmth and sensuality, relying on spices like pepper and cinnamon to add a core of the exotic to proceedings. Woody scents comprise earthy notes of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver. Finally, fresh scents, which are based on citruses and crisp, uplifting notes like green tea. 

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But here’s where things get complicated: most fragrances won’t adhere to a single kind of note, mixing them together to achieve those iconic, unforgettable blends. When picking your perfume, make sure you spray it on your skin (where it’ll react with your body’s heat and pH) and wait. Once the volatile top notes have evaporated, you’ll be left with the true scent, which is a blend of remaining notes and your skin. Then you’ll know if it’s the one.

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