The Best Highlighters for that Instant Glow

The Best Highlighters for that Instant Glow
Alessandro Zeno

Highlighters are the easiest way to imbue skin with glow and fake a little lustre when you look tired or are in need of glow. Customising application is easy: if you're after a back lit highlight, whack it under your foundation; if you want to dial up the glow your moisturiser or base imparts, just mix it in with it, or if you want to go the traditional application, tap it onto the high points of your face.

Here are some helpful rules if you tend to find you end up looking like a disco ball after applying:

Liquid on liquid, powder on powder. The easiest way to choose a formula is to consider the finish you like when you apply make-up. If you like a matte, powdery finish, you need to use a powder highlighter. Equally, if you're into a dewy foundation, tap a liquid or cream highlighter on. 

...But you can put it on without base. Not a fan of wearing face make-up but wouldn't mind a bit of illuminating action? Grab a highlighter and mix it in with your moisturiser for juicy skin.

... And you can also mix it with other products. Foundation, BB cream, moisturiser, serum: ALL made more glowy if you drop a little highlighter into the mix. Remember to just add a dash of highlighter - this is not a 50/50 scenario.

Avoid glitter or shimmer particles. Highlighter should lend you the look of health, not make you look like you're trialling a fancy dress look. The more finely-milled the reflective particles, the more it will blend in with your skin. 

Placement is everything. When highlighting, consider where light hits - the aim is to enhance your bone structure. And just as with Touche Eclat, you usually should apply it to your cheekbones, cupid's bow, and bridge of your nose.

Apply with precision. A small fan brush or highlighter brush works well if applying a powder formula, but you can also make like the pros and apply your cream or powder with your fingertips. Just load them up and tap on. Don't forget to blend the edges so that you can't see where the highlighter ends and skin begins! 

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