All The Makeup Brushes You Will Ever Need

All The Makeup Brushes You Will Ever Need
Alessandro Zeno

The subject of whether or not you need a make-up brush - and which one to opt for if you want one - is understandably confusing. Some make-up artists bang on about application with fingertips, citing the warmth of skin as the best way to meld make-up with a face. Others love blending sponges, preferring to stipple.

The vast majority, though, will tell you that you need a brush in your make-up bag. You might not need them for every part of your face - but if you want seamless, well-blended make-up, you'll need a brush.

And that's where this guide will help. Rather than buy a bunch of brushes you don't need, be discerning. If you are all about blending out a perfect smokey eye, get your hands on eye brushes. If you want your red lipstick to be perfectly outlined, a brush to get precise edges may work for you. 

In terms of picking a brush bristle material, you need to make two decisions: 1) Is buying a cruelty-free brush important to you? If so, look for the leaping bunny symbol on your brush packet, and opt for synthetic bristles, and 2) Are you working with liquid or powder? As a broad rule, natural bristles are structured differently, so are better at working with picking up and blending powder, while synthetic are able to do both.

Finally, a bit of housekeeping: wash your brushes. Not only because make-up brushes caked in product don't work as well and will blend ineffectively, but also because make-up brushes unwashed will breed bacteria that can lead to acne and a host of skin issues. Try a gentle shampoo, or a dedicated brush-cleaning product for best results.

Now, onto the brushes we'd recommend... 

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