Tequila, Two-Steps & Tree Roots: Miguel's Pre-Show Routine Is As Cool As He Is


As Miguel releases his highly anticipated album, War and Leisure, Josh Newis-Smith hangs out in his dressing room to find the magic behind the man. 

Miguel makes many women (and, indeed, many men) go weak at the knees with a seductive power that far outstrips his five feet and five inches. Watching his fans go WILD for the main man himself at his London gig recently, it seemed no one was immune to his mass seduction.

But how does the raunchiest man in R&B get into the zone? I skipped into the main man’s dressing room to find out for myself. Spoiler alert: Miguel is no diva… even if his Gucci trousers are worth more than your monthly wages (and then some!).


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The Warm Up Ritual

“To get my voice ready I do the ‘burring’ of the lips. It’s pretty funny but it gets the blood to the lips and essentially gets everything going. Then I'lI get some food in, I brush my teeth. Then I just make sure I don’t have anything in my nose. I just want to step out feeling, you got it - you have got it!  I do some jumping jacks, get stretching and feel the pump. But don’t feel the pump too much!” 

Timothy Saccenti

The Pre-Show Mantra

“The most nervous I've ever been was when I played at Clive Davis’ Grammys party. But as always I just told myself to breathe. I always just imagine that I have roots coming out of me into the ground. Something changes when you think like that and you feel more in control.”

The Wardrobe

"My wardrobe is mostly built up of camo print – like tonight I am going to wear a military vest with camo pants. You also need a dope pair of combat boots, an Hawaiian shirt or two. It’s just war and leisure, man.”

Isn’t it great when life imitates art guys?

Paras Griffin

The Rider Requests

“For me it’s always a good bottle of tequila afterwards!”

Timothy Saccenti

The Go-To Dance Routine

“It’s just he old man two-step! It’s slow and sexy but that depends on who is watching it! I just feel good doing it."

Josh Brasted

Miguel’s new album, War and Leisure, is out now and you can .

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